Retired Parents


The Doodle that started it all!

Greddy Mae

Daughter of Ella and Archie.

Oliver Reid


Daughter of Greddy and Oliver

Picture coming soon!

Macey Quinn

A gem from Galena Goldendoodles.
Full sister of our Ella.

Clear By Parentage Genetic Results*
OFA Test Results

CAER Test Results



Daughter of Ella and Archie



Daughter of Greddy and Guinness.


Ruby Blaze

Blaze lives in a guardian home with our retired mom, Pepper. She weighs approximately 30 pounds and is mother to our mini/medium puppies. Blaze is fun and spunky and also likes to sit and read with her guardian mom. Her coloring is unique and beautiful, and we hope to get some beautiful abstracts with her future puppies!   

Blaze's genetic panel is Clear. Her hips are OFA rated Good and she is negative for elbow dysplasia. Patellas and heart are also OFA normal. Eyes were also certified normal via CAER exam by a veterinary opthamologist.  

Genetic Test Results
CAER Test Results
OFA Test Results