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When an individual or family places a deposit with us, their name will go on our General Waitlist. This commitment is to getting a puppy from us when one is available. Once we have bred one of our girls, the people on the general list will have the opportunity to commit to that litter. This commitment is not for a specific puppy - families choose their puppy in person, or via video call if not local, at 8 weeks. In each litter, Goldendoodles Forever® may be holding puppies back for our program and reserve the right to do so at any time. Prices quoted upon placing your reservation are good for one year and then are subject to change.  

"Started Puppies"
We have added a new option when you get a puppy from us. After choosing your puppy at 8 weeks, you can elect to have the puppy stay with us for additional training. The puppy will be a "started puppy" when you take it home. This means it will be started on training. He will be crate trained, started on house training, have a reliable recall, and will know basic commands and manners. As with any training, the family will have to follow up for the puppy to mature to a "polished" dog. The additional cost for a started puppy is $1700. 
Planned/Available Litters: 2024

​​Marvel x Barney: Arrived. Take home is June 2nd, 2024.Mia x Oakley: Expecting. Take-home is approximately July 15th, 2024 Sadie x Barney: Expecting. Take-home is approximately July 25th, 2024Maple: Planning. Take home would be in August or September, 2024.
Marvel and Barney

Puppies have arrived! The take-home date of these 30-45 pound Goldendoodles will be June 2nd, 2024. The puppies in this litter are $2800 plus IA sales tax.

  1. L.C. - Durand, IL

  2. N.S. (with training) - Grayslake, IL

  3. L&T - Iowa

  4. I.L. - Mineral Point, WI

  5. Open

Mia Pic1.jpg
Mia and Oakley
Mia is expecting! Mia and Oakley are both sweet, smart, people-focused dogs and we anticipate their puppies will be the same. We expect puppies to range in size between 30-45 pounds with the possibility of one or two outliers who may be 25-30. Puppies will be red, cream, and/or apricot in color and we are also hoping for some white markings. If all goes well with the breeding, take home day will be approximately July 15th, 2024.

  1. GDF

  2. L.R. - New Glarus, WI

  3. S&M G. - Orono, MN

  4. K.S. - Madsion, WI

  5. B.S. - Iowa City, IA

  6. Open

Sadie and Barney
Sadie is expecting! As is often the case when working with Mother Nature, we had a last-minute change that was necessary on this pairing. Since we used Barney instead of Gibby, we now expect a biger range in sizes for their puppies. The range in size will be between 20-40 pounds. When families are picking, we will be able to predict a smaller range based on their weight and frame but the 20-40 is all we have for now. Possible colors will be red, cream, and/or apricot, chocolate, phantom, and black. If all goes well with the breeding, take home day will be approximately July 25th, 2024.

  1. GDF

  2. S.R-V. (with training) - West Des Moines, IA

  3. S.R-V. (with training) - West Des Moines, IA

  4. M. & J. T. - Des Moines, IA

  5. Open

  6. Open - Back-up

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