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New Puppy Shopping List

Below are links to purchase items at Petsmart because I know they always have stock, but I encourage you to check Amazon and TJ Maxx for deals! 


Kong Mat

Doodles tend to run warm, these mats are indestructible and are the perfect combo of cushion and coolness.


Dog Crate

We prefer the crates that the puppy can see through and stick a few fingers through for comfort at night. Double doors are also handy and give you options for putting the crate in a space that is convenient for you. The divider is a must-have as the crate will be too big for your puppy without it. 



Dogs love to chew. Give your pup a treat that's packed with natural beef muscles that are slow roasted for maximum flavor with Redbarn Naturals 7" Bully Sticks. Long lasting and fully digestible, Bully Sticks also supports your dog's dental health. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 7.45.35 AM.png

Smokehouse Round Marrow Bones are natural chews slow-roasted in their own juices to enhance their flavor and color. They come with lots of meat left on the bone and provides hours of fun! They're a great option if you want to keep your dog's teeth clean and healthy. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-02 at 7.46.23 AM.png

Featuring savory and succulent fresh chicken liver as the very first ingredient followed by real chicken, these soft, chewy morsels have a scrumptious, meaty flavor dogs crave. They’re the perfect-sized positive reward training treat for any size of dog, and the tasty way to say, “I love you!” The resealable double-zipper pouch helps make sure all that irresistible aroma, taste and texture stays fresh down to the very last mouth-watering bite.

Play/Chew Toys

We like rope toys! They are a good fetch toy and if you get ones that have some sort of textured rubber they also act as a chew toy. 

We also like the toys that have the hard rubber on the inside and canvas on the outside.

The KONG CuteSeas Octopus Dog Toy is paw-fect for playtime and cuddles, too. Made of a soft corduroy, this toy is durable but soft enough to snuggle up with. A squeaker and crinkle interior helps to capture your pup’s attention and adds mental stimulation to play. This toy is great for solo play or keeping your furbaby entertained while you’re away.


Dog dishes should be metal or ceramic - no plastic. Our water bowls are always a little bigger than our food bowls.



A simple NON-RETRACTABLE 6 foot leash is best. Retractable leashes have been known to break if a dog darts after something quickly.


Screen Shot 2020-01-02 at 8.32.45 AM.png

Chris Christensen Long Pin Slicker Brush

This Andis Steel Comb is what I use after the slicker brush. It is great for "checking your work" - if you've gotten down to the skin with the brush then this comb should also be able to get to the skin and easily comb out.


Tearless and Extra Gentle, this exceptional shampoo is pH balanced to give puppies the tender loving care their sensitive skin and coat deserve. Blended with a dash of baby fresh cherry essence, this luxurious shampoo will leave your precious puppy looking and smelling better than ever before.

Health Supplies


We also send you home with a snuggle puppy that smells like siblings and mom (and has a heartbeat), so that will be your comfort toy!

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