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Just as humans, our beloved pets sometimes can become unexpectedly sick or injured.  Similarly to the cost of doctors, vet bills can get very high, very quickly.  As your puppies work their way through their first year and beyond - they will have regular visits for vaccinations, etc. but there is also a chance they may run into other common puppy problems -  hurting a leg because they are still clumsy and learning their limits, eating something they shouldn't (a sock or even a big piece of chocolate they snatched from their human sibling's room on Halloween).  Goldendoodles Forever® recommends protecting your pet with pet insurance. Insurance will help with illnesses or emergencies.  There are others out there so I encourage everyone to do their homework - compare deductibles, co-pays, etc.  We use Healthy Paws and love it. No hassle. Quick payment of bills and great customer service. Our plan is about $30/dog per month but there are other plans that are less. Click the button below for more information on Healthy Paws insurance. Protect your pet. 

  • Save up to 90% on vet bills.

  • Complete illness and accident coverage.

  • Paperless claims from any device.

  • Unlimited Lifetime Benefits

  • Special Lifetime Discounts

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