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In an effort to expand our breeding program while ensuring all of our breeding dogs live happy, healthy, and pampered lives, we have implemented the Goldendoodles Forever® Guardian Program. This program allows us to avoid the use of kennels and allows our breeding dogs a normal family life.

A Goldendoodles Forever
® Guardian Family receives the very best that we have to offer in a Goldendoodle. We are very selective with our breeding dogs and choose them based on the best qualities of the breed, with temperament and health as first priorities.  Another benefit of being a guardian is cost. If the puppy we place in a guardian home passes all health testing and officially becomes a part of our program, the family does not pay for the dog. And, even better, we sometimes will help with the cost of a fence or professional training!! And, lastly, our guardian families get to enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program and seeing the offspring of their beloved pets placed with their own forever families across the country.


​How our program works:
As a Guardian, you receive our “Pick of the Litter” puppy. Sometimes this puppy will come from our dogs and sometimes it will come from another select Goldendoodle breeder.  


Goldendoodles Forever® will pay for all health expenses related to the breeding of your dog. This includes but is not limited to genetic testing, joint testing, eye tests, and prenatal care. The Guardian Family pays for all other routine health care, including food, supplements, and vaccinations. Guardian Families must also carry a Healthy Paws health insurance policy for their dog. In some circumstances, Goldendoodles Forever® will also help cover the cost of a fence and/or professional training. 


Once the puppy has completed all their health testing, Goldendoodles Forever® makes the final determination of breedability. If all results are acceptable, the dog will become a breeding dog for our program. If for some reason, the puppy does not qualify, our guardian family will have the option to purchase the dog from the breeder at pet price.


Female guardian dogs will come stay with us shortly before whelping and will stay until the puppies are weaned (approximately 6 weeks). There will be a specific guardian contract for each Guardian Family so that both you and Goldendoodles Forever® know their responsibilities.

Male guardian dogs will come to us as needed for stud service. Notice will always be given, although sometimes we need the stud on short notice. Guardians must be flexible.


Lastly, the Guardian Families of female dogs will be compensated $300 per litter. Male Guardian Families will receive $50-$100 for each litter.  

Qualifying for a guardian home:

We prefer guardians who have the following qualifications:

  • Own their home.

  • Provide a safe and healthy environment for their dog(s), including Life’s Abundance Food and Nu-Vet vitamins, bully sticks or split elk antlers for hard chewing, heart-worm prevention, age-appropriate exercise, etc.

  • Have only spayed or neutered dogs in their homes.

  • Live within a 30 minute drive of our home in Asbury, Iowa OR being available to transport the puppy to us for health testing and vet appointments, breedings, etc.

  • Be willing to crate and house train the puppy.

  • Be prepared to have your own vet listed as a reference.

  • Be willing to train your puppy (or have trained by a professional).

  • Be willing to socialize the puppy.


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