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  • Does the vet provide the flea and tick medication (for a fee of course) or do we purchase it ourselves?
    You will get your puppy's from the vet (or online with a prescription from your vet). Do NOT let them give you an oral flea and tick medication - sometimes they give you a free sample for the first puppy visit. If they do, ask for Frontline Gold topical instead of the oral. I recommend Frontline Gold topical for flea and tick and Heartgard for heartworm. The flea and tick is given monthly (I actually stretch it out to every 45 days) and the Heartgard is given every 30 days. The Heartguard is oral and that one is OK. But the oral flea and tick can cause neurological problems and they are essentially ingesting a pesticide. Similarly, vets have been giving an oral medication (Sympirica Trio is one) that is for flea, tick, and heartworm. This is convenient but again, I DO NOT recommend it. To repeat - Frontline Gold topical every 45 days starting at Spring thaw and going until first frost; Heartgard every 30 days year round.
  • How often do you recommend grooming and getting nails trimmed? Does the frequency change as they get older?
    Puppies should have their first grooming as soon as they get their rabies vaccination (so at 16 weeks). This grooming will just be a "puppy cut" where they will get a bath, nail trim, and scissor cut. After that visit, I recommend scheduling dogs every 5-6 weeks if you are not good about brushing at home. Some people go to 7-8 weeks, which is fine but only if you are diligent about brushing so they don't mat between visits.
  • What is a regular bathing schedule that we should anticipate? Do you have recommendations on how to properly bathe a dog?
    I don't bathe our adult dogs between groomings unless they get into something and smell. However, this is a personal choice and they are fine to get a bath no more than every two weeks (so their skin doesn't get dried out).
  • What products do you recommend to clean up accidents (both poop and urine)? Is there a specific process we should follow to clean up accidents?
    I use a spray called Rescue. You can get it at Animal Revival Health (online). I don't have any carpet in my house but I've heard good things about Nature's Miracle for carpet.
  • What kind of dog food do you recommend?
    We use Life's Abundance brand food. You will need to order food for your puppy about a week before pick-up. It does not normally take this long to arrive but to be safe, order early.
  • How much and how often should we feed our puppy?
    The short answer - 1/3 cup 3x a day. You will adjust the amount according to the back of the dogfood bag - it goes by weight. Also, people often get confused by the chart on the back of the bag and think the amount listed is per meal. IT IS NOT. It is the total daily amount and you divide that by the number of meals.
  • What kind of treats do you use for training?
    I use a couple. One is Bil n Jac Little Jac Training treats OR Zukes training bites. If Zukes, and I actually cut them in half or it takes too long for them to eat them and is not as effective during a training session. You can also use pieces of cheese, carrots, cucumbers, etc. as well. I recommend looking up "safe healthy treats for dogs" on the internet. I also have a chart on my Facebook page about this.
  • Should we enroll our puppy in some type of puppy classes? Do they need to continue to be around other dogs when given the opportunity?
    I have a hand-out in your take home folder regarding socialization. Yes, it is important for your puppy to get out and about but it should be done with caution until they get their rabies vaccination. If your puppy is visiting other dogs, make sure the dogs they are visiting are fully vaccinated. I absolutely do NOT recommend taking your puppy to a dog park or other highly populated dog location until they are fully vaccinated. Regarding training, if you have done our training program, you'll want to continue what I've been working on to polish the skills. I've only laid the foundation. I always recommend continued training - whether it be a puppy class or obedience class when they are a little older (5-6 months). There are lots of fun classes out there - like agility and trick classes - also. It all depends how much time and money you want to put into your dog and how you want your dog to be a part of your life. If your dog will be going everywhere with you, they will require more training to be a good, well-behaved citizen.
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