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Puppy pick day is an exciting time for our puppy families!  For the health and safety of our dogs and puppies, here are the guidelines for the visit:


1. Families should not visit any pet stores, adoption facilities (i.e. Humane Society), or homes with unvaccinated dogs (or new and not fully vaccinated puppies) prior to their visit with us.


2. When you arrive we will meet you outside and will spray the bottoms of your shoes with Rescue Disinfectant Cleaner. This protects our puppies and adults from anything visitors may inadvertently bring in on their shoes. 


3. There will be a visiting area set up where you can hold and play with the puppies and watch them interact with one another. If children will be coming, they are encouraged to hold and play with the puppies but must be sitting down when doing so. Parents or I can help bring them a puppy once they are seated. Under no circumstances should they stand or walk with a puppy. Puppies are wiggly and I've seen even adults drop a puppy. Children should also be reminded they must not run around the puppies as puppies get underfoot and could get injured.


4. After selecting your puppy, we will go over the adoption contract and I will collect payment.


5. If, for some reason, a family chooses not to get a puppy from this litter, you will have a choice of getting $200 of your initial deposit back or staying on our General Waitlist.


6. We will review with families one-on-one how they can prepare for their new addition, including food, safe toys, crate size, etc. 

7. Please note, we are unable to offer a public restroom as we often have moms with newborn puppies in our home and it is disruptive and stressful for them to have strangers coming and going. There are several restroom options within a mile or two of our home so please make one last stop before arriving. 

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