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Take a few minutes to read through pawsitive reviews our puppy parents have left!

"We have an eight-month-old puppy from Callie and he is absolutely the best. Super trainable, healthy, and loved by EVERYONE who meets him. When we brought him home, he already had the best calm temperament, which I 100% attribute to the care that Callie takes during the first eight weeks of the puppies lives. I couldn’t imagine going with anyone else - Goldendoodles Forever® is the best."


- Katie M.

"We could not be happier with our experience with Callie and Goldendoodles Forever®. The level of care that goes into raising the puppies in such a happy, healthy environment is immediately apparent. Our puppy was well on her way to being properly socialized, the vet complimented her body condition on the initial exam, and her temperament is fantastic.


Callie was great with communication, told us exactly what to expect, and even checked in with us after our long drive home. We also received tons of pictures and videos of the litter each week, which was incredibly fun.


I highly recommend Goldendoodles Forever®! Callie truly raises little family members, not just dogs."



- Sam L.

"This review is long overdue. Callie/ GDF is a wonderful breeder. Callie is very professional and takes time to educate families about their puppy process. She is an excellent communicator and shows great passion for her job. I don't have the words to describe how amazing our goldendoodle is. We picked her up just before 8 weeks and she immediately slept through the night in her crate and was nearly house broken. In the year + since she has truly become our best friend. She is the sweetest and most loving dog we could ever ask for. The GDF family community is wonderful too. These dogs are not inexpensive by any means but you truly get what you pay for. My pup was worth every penny and then some. The lift time of support is incredible. Callie breeds a variety of colors and coats which truly makes this place special. I couldn't recommend her enough. Even if you're not sure, reach out. She will educate you and help you make the best decision for you/your family."

- Jorie S.

"Callie Brown from Goldendoodles Forever® is a fantastic breeder. From the very start she was always informative, organized, and responsive. She made the whole process of getting our puppy amazing. Our puppy is super smart, playful, and adjusted to our home immediately because Callie does such a great job of socializing the puppies from the start. Our vet also immediately commented on what a wonderful dog we got from Goldendoodles Forever®. We are very grateful to have found such a great breeder!"

- Gerrie H.

Callie is an awesome and professional to work with. I am a first time dog mom. She was quick in responding to my inquiry, walked me through the process, listened patiently to my questions and helped pick the perfect pup for our family. Our Pup is the best pup we could asked for. Very affectionate, intelligent, quick learner and an easy going. Callie even taught us potty and crate training techniques. She posted photos and videos of the pups for the entire time they were with her. I absolutely recommend Callie and any day!!"

- Neeraja V.

"The best goldendoodle puppies come from Goldendoodles Forever®. Our puppy is very social, friendly and so cute."


- Kathy K.

"Callie raises healthy, smart, beautiful, happy puppies. We have had our sweet little pup Rosie for just 5 days, and she is amazing! Callie and Shea do a phenomenal job ensuring their puppies are socialized and have the foundations for training before they even go home. Our little pup has already learned her name, responds to the sit command, is doing fantastic with potty training, and most impressive of all is sleeping through the night in her crate. Rosie is also very social, and loves everyone she meets. We have a loud, busy family (4 boys and 2 cats!) and it doesn’t bother her in the slightest! If you are wondering if it is worth the wait or the money, I can assure you it is totally worth it. I have read so many puppy horror stories, and going with Callie and her puppies, those nightmares can be avoided. I wholeheartedly recommend Goldendoodles Forever®!"


-Amy B.

"Our experience with Goldendoodles Forever® was wonderful. Callie was very thorough and careful in her care of both the mom and puppies. She kept us informed through out the process and had us meet the mother and grandmother of our puppy. She provided us with many tips for coming home and comfort items for the puppy that made the transition go smoothly. All to whom we have described our experience have been impressed. Our puppy is the sweetest little boy and the rock star of our neighborhood!"

-Martha N.

"Callie at Goldendoodles Forever® is meticulously looking over the health history of every dog she has litters from. To me that us important because I lost my last loved family dog to liver issues at only age 7.

In addition, she loves and takes great care of her mother dogs. They are a part of her family. Overall a great place to fine the best dog you will ever have."



-Alauna B.

"Callie is wonderful to work with! We welcomed Bentley into our family almost 2 years ago and he is an amazing, smart, sweet dog with the best temperament. We couldn’t be happier!"


-Jill H.

"These dogs are beautiful, loving, and so sweet. Our family loves our Goldendoodle from Callie and she truly cares for the breed and her dogs. She wants every puppy to go to a caring and loving home. No regrets with our decision!"


-Shannon K.

We have two doodles and they couldn’t be more perfect! Callie is absolutely the best!!! She cares and loves for her doodles and makes every effort to be sure they find their perfect homes! Recommend her highly!"



-Valerie E.

"We had such an amazing experience and our first doodle was so amazing we went back for a second one. Our dogs are the best of friends with each other and our children! Such great dogs!"


-Angie A.

"Nothing but 5 stars here. Originally interested in a goldendoodle two years ago and Callie made the process so easy for us. We now have three goldendoodles (one tan, 2 black) between myself, my sister and my parents households. They are wonderful, intelligent dogs and I can speak for my family that we highly recommend Goldendoodles Forever®."

- Luke

"Lucy is the best dog! Smart, loving, and wonderful with kids of all ages. We had our three week old granddaughter over yesterday and she sniffed and licked, then laid down beside her. Best dog we've ever had! The puppy culture is great, she isn't afraid of anything including storms, vacuum, baby crying, and doorbells! Thank you Callie, she is perfect!"


"Would highly recommend Callie! She has made it so easy for us to have our forever friend! They are smart dogs and he was easily trained! Won’t go anywhere else from now on!"

- Kayla

"I'm so thankful we have a dog that likes people and other dogs so much! Our last adoptive dog had "issues" and though we loved him dearly, having a playful lover is a nice change!"

- Jenn

"Loved working with Callie, she made the process so easy. We couldn’t be more pleased with our Lucy, truly a wonderful addition to our family!"

- Catari

"Callie is awesome to work with. Our pup has adapted very quickly. Callie does an excellent job with some sound and basic skills training. Wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

- Jason

"We had the best experience but more importantly, the best dog ever! Our family is so in love with Josie and we will absolutely use Goldendoodles Forever® again!!!!!"

- Angie

"Callie you have done an amazing job with these puppies! We couldn’t be happier with what a good boy he is! He hasn’t had an accident and he’s starting to come out of his shell and play a little bit! He has amazing door manners (which we are keeping up with your door training guide) comes when called and sits like a good boy! We heard our neighbors dogs barking and he didn’t even flinch or make a sound just laid there hanging out! I can’t say enough good things about him and all my family members who have met him are blown away with how well behaved he is! 

I can’t thank you enough for the perfect puppy and all the love and work you put into your litters! We are one happy family!  Thank you again!"

- Hannah and Samuel

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